The Homeowners Spill & Flood package is made for American homeowners by American companies specifically deigned to protect the American home. Made of all natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, components at $100.00 - provides 7'-9' of protection - 3 inches above the average flood height(*). Delivery available in less than 2 days.
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Applications and Instructions

Each waterproof, immediately recognizable and easy to handle HSF tote bag contains the following:

The versatile Fb2 bag is easily applied in a number of instances:

The multi-purpose RPD product offers unique ways to protect a number of entry/exit points in your home:

There are many other unique and individual applications to these products. Common among both are the ease of use and ease of deployment. Additionally, given that nothing other than fresh water is required to activate the products that make up the HSF, none of Fb Sytems' products require the use of sand or fill. This fact, combined with the total re-cyclability of the products contained within the HSF tote provide an easy to use; broad application and environmentally friendly home protection product to every home.

Scenario 1

At the core of the HSF are the Fb2 Bag and the RPD devices.

FbBag provides superior flood protection and eliminates the toxic waste problem of contaminated sandbags after a flood.
Dimensions: 26" x 14"

Activate FbBag by submerging fresh water for 3 mins

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Rapid Pollution Deterrent (RPD) is revolutionizing the response to toxic spills.
Dimensions: 98" x 8"

Activate RPD by submerging fresh water for 3 mins

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HSF Instructional Insert